Cervical Screening & Smear Test

Why have regular smear tests?

Most cervical cancers develop from an infection – called HPV, or the human papillomavirus – that almost everybody is exposed to if they have had sex, but with regular smear tests (every 3 years), we can detect it and get onto it before it becomes cancerous. See our HPV information page.

Smear tests save lives and early treatment is highly successful

Since the national screening programme started, the number of women who die of cervical cancer has dropped by nearly two thirds. If every woman you know got tested regularly, the number could drop even lower.

Who should have smear tests?

    If you:
  • are a woman, trans or non-binary person with a cervix
  • are aged between 20 and 70
  • have ever had sex
then you should have regular smear tests.

    This includes if you:
  • are immunised against HPV
  • are single
  • only have sex with women
  • have a disability
  • have been through menopause
  • are no longer having sex.

Please give our nurses a call on 07 855 2079 if you would like more information about smear screening or if you would like to book in to have yours done.

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