Patient Enrolments currently CLOSED

When registrations are open to take on new enrolments, we require all applicants to complete a Patient Enrolment Form and a Transfer of Records Request Form.
Present these documents along with a valid Identification to the reception at the Fairfield Medical Centre.

Pending doctor availability, we will then process your application within 24 - 48 hours. If you need an appointment before your registration has complete, higher charges may apply. If the doctor you are requesting to enrol with has closed their books. We can request an exception at the doctor's discretion.

ONLY COMPLETE APPLICATIONS PRESENTED IN PERSON WILL BE ACCEPTED. Please do not send your application via email, text, post. They will be declined and returned to the sender.

Valid Forms of ID
New Zealand Citizen: Passport or Birth certificate + Driver’s licence
Overseas Citizen or Permanent Resident: Passport along with a 2-year consecutive working visa or a permanent visa with proof that you intend to stay a resident. (e.g., Tenancy agreement, Employment offer)

Enrolment Information For Patients