Terms of Trade

  1. Unless otherwise agreed, all services are expected to be paid for on the date of service.
  2. A current price list is displayed at the Reception counter, waiting room and on the website. Prices quoted for services may be adjusted from time to time, and the customer hereby agrees to pay any such adjusted price, e.g. in instances where cost of goods increases, government surcharges increases, errors or omissions by Fairfield Medical Centre or its representatives. Prices include GST unless otherwise stated.
  3. Payment is accepted in the form of cash, EFTPOS, credit card, payWave/cardless, online banking or direct credit.
  4. Where credit is approved, all accounts are to be paid by the 30th of the month following date of invoice.
  5. We are very happy to work with our patients who are concerned about their ability to pay. Following our Debt Management Protocol, it is best to arrange a payment plan that is acceptable and manageable rather than letting debt accumulate. Please discuss your account with the Practice Manager. Setting up regular weekly or fortnightly automatic payments can be very useful to help manage your account.
  6. We reserve the right to ask for payment on arrival (before a service is provided, to ensure payment), this may apply to
    • Visitors/ Casual patient – non enrolled patients
    • First appointment for new patients
    • Those who have an outstanding account
    • Those who have had a previous debt with us.

  7. Fairfield Medical Centre may withhold further provision of service where there is any outstanding amount due.
  8. Where patients are in breach of agreed payment terms, we may disclose this information to debt collection agencies and legal proceedings may follow. This may result in your name and address being entered into the Computer Bureau default listing which will have an impact on your credit rating.
  9. Interest may be charged on overdue accounts at a rate to be decided by Fairfield Medical Centre from time to time.
  10. Collection fees and costs incurred to recover outstanding monies will be payable by the customer.
  11. Fairfield Medical Centre may disclose personal information for debt collection, repossession, credit reporting and other similar purposes.
  12. Fairfield Medical Centre agrees not to use or disclose any information more than is reasonably necessary in the circumstances for its genuine business purposes.
  13. Termination of the contract may apply where there is non-payment without prejudice to any claims Fairfield Medical Centre Limited may have. Variations to the Terms of Trade may occur from time to time, and Fairfield Medical Centre will notify the patient by way of invoice – receipt of which shall be deemed to be acceptance by the patient.
  14. A cancellation fee may be charged if you fail to keep an appointment or give less than 2 hours notice of cancellation.